Educational opportunities are limited at the elementary school level. Data Research and Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs General Directorate Institutions Guidance 2000 shows net enrollment ratio (NER) for primary school age children in 1999 reached 94.4% (28.3 million students). Achievement of this APM including high category. Net enrollment in junior secondary education is still low at 54, 8% (9.4 million students). While it is early childhood education services are still very limited. Failure in early childhood development will certainly will hinder the development of human resources as a whole. Therefore we need policies and strategies for educational equity is appropriate to address the problem of inequality.

6. The low relevance to the Needs Education

It can be seen from the number of unemployed graduates. Data BAPPENAS (1996) collected since 1990 shows the number of unemployment faced by high school graduates by 25.47%, Diploma / S0 by 27.5% and PT amounted to 36.6%, while in the same period sufficient employment growth height for each level of education that is 13.4%, 14.21%, and 15.07%. According to data from Research and Education Ministry in 1999, each year approximately 3 million children out of school and do not have the life skills that lead to labor problems of its own. The existence of the incompatibility between education outcomes and the needs of the workforce is due to curriculum material is less funsional against the skills needed when students enter the workforce.

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